Carpet Cleaning in St. Joseph Mo

3 different methods used by the carpet cleaning companies in Saint Joseph Mo

When you’re hiring the professionals for carpet cleaning, you might be thinking that they would be having some special methods which would enable them to clean the carpet of the stains which you even yourself could not clean. Today we would be discussing about some of these methods which can be used by you as well in order to ensure that you are able to clean your carpets and make them look as good as new again.

1. Hot water cleaning:
This is also known as the steam cleaning as well. In this, the hot water is percolated into the carpet with the help of high pressure. This ensures that the dirt which is inside the carpet or in the threads of the carpet is dissolved in the hot water as well.

In the hot water, the cleaning agent is also mixed as well. After the cleaning process of the carpet is flushed with cold water to remove the cleaning agent, it is cleaned with cold water in order to ensure that the cleaning agent is entirely removed from the carpet and after that, it is left to dry in an air conditioned the room.

The drying time for a normal carpet which is spread across 3000 ft.² is up to 4 hours. This method is also known as the carpet water extraction.

2. Shampooing of carpet:
Shampooing of the carpet was pretty popular till the 1970s and after that encapsulation technology replaced it.

The only disadvantage of the shampooing of the carpet is that there are the fine residues which can remain in the carpet even after the cleaning process as well.

The main advantage of this process is that even the carpet containing of a large amount of dust can be cleaned with this technology.

3. Encapsulation:
This technique uses the crystals which can become solid powder when they dry up. Before drying up, they would be surrounding the dirt in order to stick with them and once they dry up, they would be forming the powdered crystals as well which can be easily removed with the help of pressured water.

That is why; this technique is replaced to the shampooing of the carpet entirely because it can easily remove the residue as well as the powdered crystals as well.

So, if you’re looking into the professional cleaning methods of carpet cleaning in Saint Joseph Mo, these 3 are the most popular methods.